Cambridgeshire School Improvement Board - Social and Emotional Wellbeing


On this page you will find summaries of the social and emotional wellbeing projects approved by the Cambridgeshire School Improvement Board for 2018.

Project 1

Lead School/Body: Alderman Jacobs

Phase: Primary

Area: East Cambs  & Fenland

Schools Involved: Alderman Jacobs

Project Summary: The aim of the project is to develop our ‘work week’ to promote work as a positive and exciting opportunity, to showcase a range of opportunities and jobs, to encourage children to think aspirationally and to set themselves goals for their future which are ambitious and promote and inspire them to work hard both during primary and into secondary school so that they can achieve what they want for themselves and see that there is a value for working hard.

Impact Evaluation: Baseline pupil voice was carried out with children from Key Stage 2 to establish their understanding of Growth Mindset and setting personal targets.  In summary the baseline pupil voice illustrated that pupils had limited understanding and although some could set targets they were not linked to an overall goal and they didn’t know who would support them in achieving the goal, especially if it was outside school.

During January all children from Year 4,5,6 took part in a one day Growth Mindset workshop. The workshop was facilitated by Tim Hall from BeGO training and focused on team work, growth mindset and setting personal targets.  The children were inspired and committed and the impact of this has been evident in a follow up pupil voice) and their own work.  The one day workshop has had continuous momentum back in the classroom with children setting themselves individual targets and the creation of an ‘Effort Ladder’ which engages the children and supports their self- evaluation.  Children can now verbalise why and how they should set themselves a goal. They can discuss how much effort they are making and describe how and why they can continue to improve.

A Staff voice was also completed which showed a clear impact on pupils’ engagement and understanding and this has been reflected in improvements in their classroom engagement, their team working skills and on their academic success, as shown by the work in their books and their ability to self-assess.

Project 2

Project Summary: Getting Gritty would be aimed at disadvantaged students. It would provide this group with aspiration, confidence, increased self-esteem and practical strategies to develop grit and resilience. The project would be an “early help” intervention and would consist of eight, one hour sessions.

Lead School/Body: Linton Village College

Phase: Secondary

Area: East Cambs

Schools Involved: The scope of the project would initially be localised to Linton Village College in the first instance with additional opportunities for future dissemination via CHET, CASSA and cluster primary schools.

Impact Evaluation:

When? How? Impact?
Jan-18 Arrange a meeting at LVC to discuss ongoing Mental Health Champion project and introduce Getting Gritty as part of LVC’s approach. TH to become part of the Getting Gritty development group.
Meeting took place; TH keen to become involved.
Jan-18 Use professional reading group to read/discuss articles on grit/resilience. Getting Gritty development group will involve some of these colleagues.
Four articles used with reading group to stimulate discussion on grit and resilience.
Jan/Feb Use Staff Bulletin, Pastoral Bulletin and Standards Governors’ Meeting. Development group
2018 15 colleagues (incl. a governor and trained counsellor) plus SM/TH
Jan-18 Identify two Mental Health Champions to complete the .Be course. Mindfulness to be part of Getting Gritty.
These two colleagues apply for the April 2018 course. SM/DD to complete .Be course (9th-12th April).
Mar Arrange a phone call or meeting in which SM/TH can discuss how to start the project with colleagues. Launch meeting plan with resources.

Project 3

Lead School/Body: The Grove Primary and North Cambridge Academy

Phase: Primary and Secondary

Area: South Cambs

Project Summary:  Building resilience and aspiration to ensure the most vulnerable pupils are 'secondary ready.'

Schools Involved: The Grove, North Cambridge Academy

Impact Evaluation: coming soon

Project 4

Lead School/Body: Melbourn Primary

Phase: Primary

Area: South Cambs

Schools Involved: Melbourn, Meldreth

Project Summary: Mindfulness Training for Teaching Staff.

Impact Evaluation: coming soon….

Project 5

Lead School/Body: Octagon Cluster

Phase: Primary and Secondary

Area: South Cambs

Schools Involved: Fen Drayton Primary, Fenstanton and Hilton Primary, Hatton Park Primary, Pendragon Primary, Elsworth Primary, Swavesey Primary, Over Primary, Swavesey VC

Project Summary: A collaborative project to improve the quality of transition by insuring the emotional wellbeing of the pupils is measured equally alongside academic achievement. The project will consist of two strands: an academic strand and wellbeing strand which will be looked at from Yr3 upwards to ensure transition is based on quality first teaching of both academic and pastoral areas of the curriculum.

Impact Evaluation: coming soon….

Project 6

Lead School/Body: Stretham Primary, on behalf of  the Witchford Area Schools Partnership

Phase: Primary and Secondary

Area: East Cambs & Fenland

Schools Involved: Stretham, Little Thetford, Rackham,, Wilburton, Waterbeach, Mepal & Witcham, Robert Arkenstall, Sutton, The Harbour, Witchford VC

Project Summary: Promoting emotional wellbeing in the school community

Impact Evaluation:

Teacher Training Sessions:
*Blue Smile will deliver training on Self Care and Managing Mental Health in the Classroom: the training at Waterbeach Primary school and Robert Arkenstall Primary school on 16th April will involve 50+ staff from Waterbeach Primary, Mepal and Witcham Primary, Little Thetford Primary, Robert Arkenstall Primary, Wilburton CofE Primary, Stretham Community Primary and The Harbour school. This training will also be delivered on 11th and 25th June at Witchford Village College as a twilight for staff at Rackham Primary and Witchford Village College.
Pupil 2-hr Workshop - Primaries only:
Each Witchford Area Schools Partnership primary school will have a workshop for selected pupils in their school: the subject will be determined by each school. Blue Smile are in the process of contacting each headteacher to organise this.  This will also include a 2-hour follow up session.
Staff professional 1:1 mentoring support:
Schools to be involved are Rackham Primary, Wilburton Primary, Robert Arkenstall Community Primary and Mepal and Witcham Primary. A teacher from each school will have 5 sessions with Blue Smile to consider personal and professional issues affecting work.