Education Welfare Officers


Education Welfare Officers (EWO)

Education Welfare Officers (EWO) aim to improve regular school attendance and participation, by working alongside parents and children.

Once a school has investigated all its attendance concerns, authorised and unauthorised, through its attendance management procedures, an Education Welfare Officer can collaboratively work with the school, parents and pupil to resolve any issues.


We offer both statutory provision and additional charged services, for all schools.

Secondary Academies:  

  •    Daily rate = £240.00
  •    Discounted rate = £216.00 (applied if you purchase 38 days or more)  

Primary Academies:

  • Banding Low  - £240 p/a
  • Banding Medium - £480 p/a
  • Banding High - £720 p/a

Full details of our Service Offering can be found below.

  •  Our Support Offer for Primary Academies

For Your Information 

An Academy buying back should consider that an Education Welfare Officer operating 1 full day per week over an academic year would be actively working on average 7 cases at any one time. It needs to be noted that not all of the Education Welfare Officers work involves face to face interventions. There is much activity that relates to the appropriate and accurate recording of evidence as well as attending case related meetings and when appropriate home visits.


East Cambridgeshire, Fenland and Cambridge City / Huntingdonshire and South Cambridgeshire

County Manager - Karen Beaton


tel: 01223 715577