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This page contains links to useful documents and sources of information on a range of local, regional and national SEND matters.

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If you are a SENCO or headteacher/lead practitioner for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, please share your contact details with the SEN and Inclusion Services on this form.

Peterborough SEND Hubs Virtual Conference Week - 14-18 June 2021 Flyer with booking form link

Peterborough SEND Hubs Virtual Conference Week - 14-18 June 2021 Timetable 

Peterborough City Council SEN and Inclusion Service and SEND Hub training calendar for Summer term 2021 - V10

Peterborough City Council SEN and Inclusion Service and SEND Hub training calendar for Spring term 2021

PCC Statutory Multi Agency Training Programme 2020/21

The overall aim is for delivery partners to 'understand their responsibilities concerning EHCPs (particularly annual reviews) and annual review processes and timelines to conform to statutory expectations'. The focus of these will be to provide very clear and transparent direction on Statutory guidelines and processes which we must all be adhering to, including information on EHC Needs Assessments, consultations, Annual Reviews and all associated paperwork.

SEND Newsletters

The Special Educational Needs and Disability Newsletter for SEND Professionals is a termly publication packed full of news, features, training events, and resources. It is aimed at those involved with supporting children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities, and their families, across the education, health and social care services, and the voluntary/charity sector.

It is produced in partnership with the Inclusion Services of Peterborough City Council, the Peterborough SENCO Network, the Specialist Hub Network and Family Voice Peterborough.

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As part of the Written Statement of Action (WSoA) following the CQC and Ofsted inspection of SEND in Peterborough in 2019, a Quality Assurance (QA) framework for SEND was adopted by the Peterborough SEND partnership. The QA framework is a key element in driving improvement in outcomes for children and young adults with SEND in Peterborough.

The QA framework includes processes for auditing EHCPs at a variety of stages, including the provision of advice and information by all partners, draft EHCPs following planning meetings and auditing of annual reviews.

In addition, the process of multi-agency EHCP auditing, which was established in 2018 is continuing, with selections of anonymised recently issued EHCPs audited on a regular basis by a panel, including representatives from Family Voice, schools and Peterborough Regional College.

Findings from these multi-agency audits and the other audit work across the wider SEND partnership will be regularly reported back to the SEND Executive Board. Audit findings will focus on broad themes that have been identified through the auditing process and these will inform future improvement planning, including training of relevant staff and improvements in SEND and EHCP processes.

You can download the audit forms below.  Please note as these are Word documents they will download to your computer when you click on them.

Quality Assurance Framework

EHCP Audit Toolkit and Guidance

Multi Agency Education, Health and Care Plan Audit Tool

Multi Agency Education, Health and Care Needs Assessment Information and Advice Audit Tool

Annual Review - Information Audit form

If you have any queries about the SEND quality assurance process, please email

This project launched in the summer term of 2018 with the purpose of providing a tool for education settings (schools, colleges, etc.) to holistically review how they support pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, and then act as ‘critical friends’ to support/challenge similar settings.

With support from the SEND Eastern Region Peer Network, we were able to offer the tool for free for participating settings, and have been able to extend the offer for another year (2019-2020).

By the end of the Spring term 2019, over 50 schools were part of the project, grouped with similar settings to provide support and challenge to keep reviewing and developing the support for learners with SEND across the city.

During the Spring term 2019, the project was quality assured by David Bartram of the London Leadership Strategy and Professor Philip Garner from the University of Northampton. Download a copy of the report form this quality assurance.

If you’re interested in this project, please contact Jessica Conway, Area SENCO (

Education Settings (nurseries, schools and academies) can request the support of the Specialist Teaching Services (including the advisory teachers for ADHD and Autism and teachers of the deaf, blind, and physical disabilities) and the Portage Service (for Early Years children), through the Request for Involvement form. (Please note that as this is a Word document it will download to your computer).

The form must be signed by the Headteacher / Lead practitioner in the setting and submitted to

The request will be reviewed by the SEN and Inclusion Services Management Team in order to ensure the most appropriate service responds in a timely manner.

If the matter is urgent, please contact SEN and Inclusion Services directly (the contact details available on Peterborough Local Offer).

For further information please contact or 01733 863702

This document is guidance drawn from the expectations outlined in government legislation of how the local area (including educational settings and different agencies) should provide support for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities. It includes a description of roles and responsibilities, arrangements for funding and the graduated approach to the identification and assessment of special educational needs.

All current government guidance can be found on

It takes leaders to break down siloes: Integrating services for disabled children.

This is a Council for Disabled Children report on integrating services for disabled children.

Joint Council for Qualifications - Access Arrangements, Reasonable Adjustments and Special Consideration

You can view an overview about these topics in the Exams Office part of the Joint Council for Qualifications website

The Eastern Region SEND Network aims to bring key partners and stakeholders together across the region to share information, develop strategic approaches and implement operational practices for the benefit of children and young people and their families with SEND.

What to do if you have concerns about the safety of a child?

1. Speak to your line or team manager

2. If you have serious concerns that the child/young person is at risk of significant harm make a referral to social care

3. If you wish to seek advice about your concerns and the action to take, contact the duty officer in social care or the Local authority Designated Officer (LADO) for Safeguarding:

Telephone: 01733 864038
Fax: 0870 2384083
4. Ensure that you seek appropriate support/supervision for yourself

5. Consult the documents listed below for further advice or visit the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Safeguarding Children Board.

What to do if you have concerns about the safety of a child

Model Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy for Schools

The Assessment and Education, Health and Care plans page on the Local Offer hosts a collection of resources, including related pages, useful documents and links to external websites.

On this page are some useful resources.

Decoding the School Census: SEN Provision and Type

The Purpose of the Decoding the School Census: SEN Provision and Type system is to provide locally agreed guidance of Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Provision and Type within the School Census. Download the pdf document Decoding the School Census: SEN Provision and Type for more information