Competition and Projects

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Competition and Projects

Competitions and Projects

On this page you will find several competitions for schools and their children to enter as well as a number of projects for children and their families.

School Competition

Create a Community Challenge

The Create a Community Challenge is a competition for all Cambridgeshire and Peterborough infant, junior and primary schools, where children need to work together to complete a project. This community project combines many areas of the curriculum, from Maths to Art and PSHE to Geography!

Your challenge is to create a town of your own design. Throughout the project you will need to carry out research, make decisions and produce a community map or model of your town. Try to be as creative as you can - building your town out of whatever you have available (junk models, Lego, play-doh - anything you like), or making a map using pens and paper or using masking tap or chalks on the ground. 

Click on the image below or download the pdf from the Competition Resources section to get started, then follow the instructions to create your community.

Although the competition is open for schools to enter, families can take part at home too. If you and your family would like to make a community, you can send it to your child's school. The school can then choose their favourite entry and submit it to the competition.

The final date for entries is Tuesday 30th June 2020 and the chosen winning entry will win an iPad for their school. To submit your entry, email 

Competition Resources

Community Project 2020
Size: 117KBFile format: image
Create a Community Challenge
Size: 1.78MBFile format: pdf

Writing Competitions

Below you will find information about national and local writing competitions for primary-age children.


In the video below, Gary (a Maths Adviser) shares some of his favourite resources from the Home Learning Hub for you and your family to try at home.


The following activities and ideas are designed to support sustained learning over a longer period of time. Children can choose to complete some, many or all of the tasks in a project.

Many of the projects listed below have been created by Cambridgeshire Maths and English Advisers. If you like these projects and would like to try something similar, you many also be interested in study topics - these can be found on the Other Subjects page.

Maths on the Move

The Cambs Maths Team have created three investigations for you to choose from. Find out more about some of the largest running events in our Maths on the Move project. You can learn all about the London Marathon or parkruns and present your information in a number of ways. 

Outdoor Projects

Outdoor Art Project

We have created an outdoor art project for you to try. The project involves exploring patterns, shadows and textures and challenges you to use photographs and sketches to record your ideas and observations. This project is suitable for children and adults!

Garden Project

The Garden Project is a series of exciting and imaginative activities for you to try in your garden. There are lots of brilliant things to do, on your own or with your family. Download the project and choose an activity to try the next time you are outside.

Other Projects

If you'd like to try more projects, or your interested in creating a project of your own there are lots of places you can start for ideas and inspiration.

Study Topics

On our 'Other Subjects' page you can find out Survival Study topic and our Cambridgeshire Study topic. These study topics link several curriculum areas around one theme. Children have questions to answer and suggested activities and ideas to explore.

External Links

Fiver From Home - this is an interesting and fun project which can help children to learn about business. Children imagine they are starting a company, with five pounds, and follow activities in a downloadable workbook to design their company and market it. The project culminates in a presentation, pitching the business idea to someone at home. This project will require some adult involvement and a simple registration. Get started here:

Robin Hood MAT - Alternatively, check out some of the projects created by the Robin Hood MAT in Birmingham here: there are activities for each year group.

Project Resources

Outdoor Art Project
Size: 814KBFile format: pdf
Garden Project3
Size: 1.24MBFile format: pdf
Maths on the Move
Size: 601KBFile format: pdf

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