Outdoor Learning

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Outdoor Learning Activities

We have collated and created some wonderful resources and activities for you and your children to use outside.

In the video below, Becky (a Maths Adviser) shares some of her favourite activities from the Home Learning Hub for you to try.

Outdoor Learning Resources

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Burwell House Activities

The team at Burwell House have created a wonderful range of resources to support home learning, focusing on water use, climate and weather.

Activities Handbook - Adaptable for all key stages, this handbook contains 40+ active learning tasks which have been categorised into the following 5 themes, Movement, Global Issues, Bushcraft, Mindfulness, and Creative. There are numerous links to the English, Science, Art, Geography, and new PSHE curriculum. Each activity has ideas for extension and key reflective questions.

Water Use - Students can go on a learning journey to explore how we use water and where our water comes from. They will discover the different processes and stores within the Water Cycle and have the opportunity to create their very own 3D Water Cycle model!’ (Key Stage 2+)

Weather and Climate - Students can discover and investigate weather and climate by exploring these 7 different key learning questions. During this journey they will examine the difference between weather and climate, how we measure the weather, the factors affecting weather, microclimates, and investigate the global issue of climate change.(Key Stage 2 & 3)

  1. What is weather?
  2. How do we measure weather?
  3. Factors Effecting Climate
  4. Microclimates
  5. What is climate change?
  6. Effects of climate change
  7. Reducing the impact of climate change

The Burwell House Geography Challenge has been created for older children to practise their map reading skills, including using 4-figure and 6-figure grid references. This resource is easiest to use if printed out.

You can find out more about Burwell House, here: https://www.burwellhouse.com/

Grafham Water Centre

The team at Grafham Water Centre have created two wonderful videos to help you to learn how to tie knots with one piece of rope.

To find out more about the Grafham Water Centre, visit: https://www.grafham-water-centre.co.uk/

10 Fantastic Outdoor Learning Activities and Ideas:

1. Try some maths outdoors with our Outdoor Maths Challenges for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 - visit the challenges page for more challenges.

2. Go on a 'Tiny Treasure Hunt' and collect interesting objects.

3. Explore your garden with our Garden Project, suitable for older children or for families to try together - visit our projects page for more extended learning opportunities

4. Go on a 'Sound Safari' and discover what you can hear. 

5. We have created 20 Outdoor English Challenges for younger primary children, which you can find on our Challenges page, or download here.

6. Make a Bird Feeder to feed the hungry birds in your local area.

7. Get creative and make some art using the materials you find outside. Take a look at the activity ideas in our Outdoor Art Project - visit our projects page for more extended learning opportunities

8. Try something scientific. You could use twigs and sticks of different lengths to build a 'Twig Skeleton' or you could use some simple materials to try building a 'Leaf Boat' and test it to see if it floats. 

9. Try measuring the height of a tree in different ways - 10 Ways to Measure a Tree from Learning Through Landscapes

10. Have a go at Cloud Gazing, looking up at the sky and describing what shapes you can see in the clouds.

You can find even more outdoor learning activity ideas on this website: on the challenges page, the Early Years page, or the other subjects.

Some of the ideas (above) can be found on the Woodland Trust and Learning Through Landscapes website. 

There's also lots of great ideas for learning outdoors, on the Groundwork website, here: https://www.groundwork.org.uk/65-things-to-do-outside/

Even more to explore!

The following activities have been recommended by Helen Johnston. Helen is the Centre Manager at the Stibbington Centre, home to CEES (Cambridgeshire Environmental Education Service).

Wildlife Trusts - https://www.wildlifetrusts.org/looking-after-yourself-and-nature Lots of ideas from the Wildlife Trust of things to do, see and make to help wildlife and connect with nature.

RSPB - https://www.rspb.org.uk/fun-and-learning/ Ideas for families, children and teachers from the RSPB.

Explorify - https://explorify.wellcome.ac.uk/activities - FREE sign up to access a range of activities and downloads. Bitesize prompts for discussion spark curiosity and encourage children to think like scientists. Choose from a wide range of curriculum-linked, low-prep activities that will set young minds whizzing and whirring! 

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