Other Subjects and Study Topics

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Home Learning Activities

The following websites contain activities and resources you can use to support your child's learning in a range of subject and topic areas.

In the video below, Alice (an English Adviser) shares her recommended activities and resources on the Home Learning Hub for you to try.

Study Topics

Below you will also find study topics that we have created to engage and inspire learning without limits. Each study topic focuses on a theme, with many suggested activities and ideas children can explore to learn more.

Each study topic contains activities from several curriculum areas. Children are encouraged to follow their interests and explore ideas and activities around a central theme.

Country Study Topic - This resource is great for children who would like to find out more about another country, including information about the environment and what it is like to live there. 

Cambridgeshire Study Topic - This provides children an opportunity to find out more about Cambridgeshire, looking at life in the past, present and future. This topic is suitable for children in Key Stage 2.

Dinosaurs Study Topic - This study topic is packed full of activity ideas and resources linked to dinosaurs and what life was like millions of years ago. This study topic has been created for children in Key Stage 1, but it can also be enjoyed by older children (and parents!). 

Money Study Topic - This study topic is ideal for children in Key Stage 2 (aged 7+) who would like to learn more about money, including coins and banknotes, fair trade and jobs. There's information and activities for children and their families.

People Who Help Us Study Topic - Designed for children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2, this study helps parents to direct children to activities and information about people who help us in our emergency services. You can also find further home learning resources on the Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service website here: www.cambsfire.gov.uk/community-safety/come-and-play/

Pirates Study Topic - Designed for children in years 3, 4 and 5, this study topic has lots of links to activities and sources of information that you can use if you are interested in learning more about pirates and their lives at sea! 

Survival Study Topic - This study topic looks at living in extreme circumstances, from life in the frozen poles to adventures on desert islands. This topic is most suitable for older primary-age children and above.

Wildlife in Your Garden Study Topic - Through this study topic children consider what wildlife might be living in, or visiting, our own gardens. There are activities and links children can follow in line with their interests, whether they would like to find out more about animals, habitats or if they would like to try a quiz. There's something for children of all ages here.

Study Topic Packs

Cambridgeshire study topic
Size: 322KBFile format: word
Country Study Topic
Size: 937KBFile format: pdf
Dinosaur Study Topic 5-7 years
Size: 867KBFile format: pdf
Money Study Topic
Size: 576KBFile format: pdf
People Who Help Us Study Topic
Size: 939KBFile format: pdf
Pirates Study Topic
Size: 1.03MBFile format: pdf
Survival Study Topic
Size: 416KBFile format: pdf
Wildlife in your Garden Study Topic
Size: 4.89MBFile format: pdf

History, Geography, Art, Music, RE, Languages and much more!

Religious Education Activities

RE Mandalas KS2
Size: 644KBFile format: pdf
RE Stories of faith
Size: 485KBFile format: pdf
RE Places of worship KS2
Size: 460KBFile format: pdf
RE What I believe KS2
Size: 648KBFile format: pdf
RE What do I believe KS2
Size: 630KBFile format: pdf
Religious Buildings around the world KS2
Size: 787KBFile format: pdf

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