Maths Challenges

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Learn Maths Together at Home

Maths Challenges

The Cambridgeshire Maths Team has created a fantastic range of indoor and outdoor maths challenges for you to try at home and in your garden. Each challenge contains 20 different activities for your children to try:

The Mathematical Zoo is a challenge for children aged 6-8 years old and their families. Children answer maths questions and solve problems based around the animals in the zoo. Download the resources below.

The Mathematical Museum for children aged 7-10, challenges children to answer a range of interesting problems about different exhibits in the museum. Questions can be solved in any order and solutions can be checked with the answer sheet provided. Download the resources below.

The Mathematical Mansion is a tricky digital challenge that we have created, designed for older primary-age children, with a selection of maths problems set in different rooms of a large house. Children can visit rooms in any order and then check their answers with the answer sheet after. Download the resources below.

Fairground Fun is a series of challenges that we have created based around a trip to the fairground. Children can answer questions relating to fairground rides, games, food, tickets and more; then check their answers afterwards. Fairground Fun 1 is aimed at Key Stage 1; whereas Fairground Fun 2 is more suitable for children in Key Stage 2. Download the resources below.

Escape the Island 1- This awesome adventure challenge is ideal for children in lower key stage 2. The aim is to use your maths skills to Escape the Island! Download the resources below.

Escape the Island Extreme - If the original Escape the Island challenge isn't hard enough for you, then try this extreme edition! Put your maths skills to the test and try to Escape the Island! Download the resources below

Maths Trails - The Cambs Maths Team is well known for creating town and city trails across our region, which schools use to support their learning - you can find out about these trails here. Now the team has created a challenge, so that you can create your own Maths Trail at Home. Click on the links below and challenge yourself to create a trail around your own home and garden.

National Numeracy Day Challenges - The Cambs Maths Team have created a series of fun maths challenges for the whole family for National Numeracy Day (Wednesday 13th May 2020). You can find out more about National Numeracy Day by visiting

Numbers and Letters in Art Challenges - Get creative with numbers and letters with this series of artistic challenges from the Cambs Maths Team. Download the resources below.

Grafham Water Maths Challenge - Take part in an interactive maths challenge, answering questions about Grafham Water and the amazing activities you can do there. You can find out more about the outdoor education centre at Grafham Water here: or on their website, here:

Burwell House Mathematical Challenges - The team at Burwell House have created two mathematical challenges linked to their activity centre in Cambridgeshire. You can find out more about Burwell House here: or visit their social media accounts for more outdoor learning ideas and activities - on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

CEES - Stibbington Maths Challenge - The team at Stibbington Residential Centre have created a maths challenge linked to their centre in Cambridgeshire. You can find out more about Cambridgeshire Environmental Education Centre at Stibbington here:

Corona Conundrums from Chris Smith - A fiendishly tricky selection of puzzles and problems from Chris Smith (@aap03102 on Twitter). Chris was the Scottish Teacher of the Year 2018 and produces a popular maths newsletter for teachers. His maths problems have been keeping students (and teachers) on their toes throughout lockdown. Corona Conundrum 18: Chalk Walk is a good one to start with. You can view all of the challenges here:

Maths Challenge Resources

Click and download the resources below.

Key Stage 1

Indoor Maths Challenges KS1319KBpdf
Size: 319KBFile format: pdf
Outdoor Maths Challenges KS1383KBpdf
Size: 383KBFile format: pdf
Home Maths Trail KS11.13MBpdf
Size: 1.13MBFile format: pdf

Key Stage 2

Indoor Maths Challenges KS2317KBpdf
Size: 317KBFile format: pdf
Outdoor Maths Challenges KS2363KBpdf
Size: 363KBFile format: pdf
Home Maths Trail KS2817KBpdf
Size: 817KBFile format: pdf

Escape The Island

Escape the Island Level 12.81MBpdf
Size: 2.81MBFile format: pdf
Escape the Island Extreme2.81MBpdf
Size: 2.81MBFile format: pdf

Fairground Fun

Fairground Fun 1 - Answers415KBpdf
Size: 415KBFile format: pdf
Fairground Fun 2 - Answers426KBpdf
Size: 426KBFile format: pdf

The Mathematical Mansion

The Mathematical Mansion (v2)1.21MBpdf
Size: 1.21MBFile format: pdf

The Mathematical Museum

The Mathematical Museum1.01MBpdf
Size: 1.01MBFile format: pdf

The Mathematical Zoo

The Mathematical Zoo1.11MBpdf
Size: 1.11MBFile format: pdf

Other Mathematical Challenge Resources

Grafham Maths Challenge1.2MBpdf
Size: 1.2MBFile format: pdf
Stibbington Maths Challenge2.19MBpdf
Size: 2.19MBFile format: pdf