On this page you can find a range of challenges to try at home or at school. More challenges will be added soon...

Early Years Challenges

Things with String is a play-based activity designed for the Early Years, created by Learning Through Landscapes. There are 10 challenges for you to try, all using a 1m length of string. 

Micro Journey is another exciting and imaginative activity from Learning Through Landscapes, suitable for children of all ages.

First Signs of Spring is a challenge from the Woodland Trust. When out in the garden children can look to see if they can spot the signs that spring is on it's way. There is also a Spring Spotter sheet for children to use.

Phoneme I Spy challenges children to find objects in their indoor and outdoor environment that start with each sound. 

Physical Challenges

Youth Sport Trust 60 Second Challenges are a fun way to compete against yourself and set a 'personal best'.

English Challenges

20 English Challenges for KS1 - We have created a range of fun English challenges for you to try at home with your 5 - 7 year olds. See the Challenge Resources section below to download your copy of the challenges.

20 English Challenges for KS2 - We have also created some English challenges for 7 - 11 year olds, for you to try at home. These can be downloaded from the Challenge Resources section below.

20 Outdoor English Challenges for KS1 - Here is a selection of fun and imaginative activities you can do with your friends, family or on your own. These activities are designed for 5 - 7 year olds. You can download your copy of the challenges in our Challenge Resource section below.

The Literacy Characters Challenge is a short quiz for children to name 20 famous characters. Children are then challenged to create their own quiz for their friends and family.

The 'ai' Treasure Hunt is an activity for children to practise their phonics skills by finding objects with the 'ai' sound. We have also created an 'ai and ay word sort' challenge for children to practise their sounds. 

Reading Thinkabouts - When you're reading with your child at home, there are some great ways you can challenge them to think carefully about the book. We have created a list of questions you can ask, to support home reading.

Key Stage 1 Reading Cards and Key Stage 2 Reading Cards challenge children to respond to two stories they have read. Each reading card set, contains 'something to think about' and 'something to do'. 

Maths Challenges

Indoor and Outdoor Maths Challenges - We have created a fantastic range of maths challenges for you to try at home and in your garden.

Visit the Challenge Resources section below to download a copy of the Key Stage 1 (ages 5-7) and Key Stage 2 (ages 7-11) activities.

Other Challenges

The Great Indoors - See fora range of challenges for you to try at home.

Lego Challenges - There are lots of ways you can link Lego to learning and a quick search of "30 day Lego Challenge" on Google or Pintrest will find you some activities you can try at home. There's also a Lego download in the challenge resources section below.

If you're looking for inspiration of what can be achieved with lots of Lego and plenty of time on your hands, look no further than what this couple in Huntingdon achieved (source: Cambridge News)

Taskmaster - Family fun challenge tasks set by @AlexHorne on Twitter. Search #hometasking on Twitter or the Taskmaster channel on YouTube.

Challenge Resources

EYFS ThingsWithString
Size: 385KBFile format: pdf
EYFS MicroJourney
Size: 484KBFile format: pdf
EYFS First_signs_of_spring
Size: 2.91MBFile format: pdf
Size: 3.55MBFile format: pdf
20 English Challenges KS1
Size: 490KBFile format: pdf
20 English challenges KS2
Size: 715KBFile format: pdf
Indoor Maths Challenges KS1
Size: 319KBFile format: pdf
Indoor Maths Challenges KS2
Size: 317KBFile format: pdf
Outdoor Maths Challenges KS1
Size: 383KBFile format: pdf
Outdoor Maths Challenges KS2
Size: 363KBFile format: pdf
Treasure hunt ai (1) KS1
Size: 4.85MBFile format: pdf
ai and ay word sort activity (2) KS1
Size: 702KBFile format: pdf
Size: 5.47MBFile format: pdf
Outdoor English Challenges KS1
Size: 920KBFile format: word
KS1 Reading Cards
Size: 910KBFile format: word
KS2 Reading Cards
Size: 1.23MBFile format: word
EYFS Phoneme I Spy
Size: 15KBFile format: word