Getting Back to School - our campaign for schools and parents

This campaign aims to support parents in getting their children ‘back to school ready’, by giving them advice, guidance and encouraging ‘nudges’ to help ensure they and their children are in the best frame of mind to return to school.

The campaign will consist of 7 distinct themes, with each theme having its own unique set of resources, graphics and links, for Primary and Secondary aged children.

For Schools: Please download or save the resources and share them through you communication channels with parents.

We will release one new theme each week. Next week: Health, Anxiety and Wellbeing.

getting back into school image

Please find below a set of images for social media or communications with parents.

1 getting back into school700KBimage
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2 getting back into school638KBimage
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3 getting back into school508KBimage
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4 Getting back into school600KBimage
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8 Getting back into school420KBimage
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