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Talking Together in Cambridgeshire focusses on improving outcomes for children aged 0-5. Our key objective is to increase the awareness, knowledge and understanding of our communities in how to support young children’s communication, language, and literacy development.

Launched by the Early Years (EY) Service in 2018, Talking Together uses a joined-up, place-based approach to encourage communities to work together to become more involved in children’s learning, and to feel confident about doing so. By empowering communites to build on their own understanding of child development and the role of adults in young children’s learning, we are building skills, knowledge and understanding of the importance of early communication. 

Talking Together reach areas include:

  • Huntingdon
  • North East Cambridge
  • Wisbech
  • March and Chatteris.

Maps of each reach area can be found at the bottom of this page.

Talking Together will be extending its reach to cover Meldreth, Melbourn and Duxford in April 2020.

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Why do we need Talking Together?

In some areas of Cambridgeshire, children are not progressing as well at school as in other parts of the country. We know that at least part of the reason for this is that children’s early language and literacy development isn’t at the expected level.

Through analysing Early Years Foundation Stage data across the county, it is possible to identify where children progress less well with their early communication, language and literacy. Talking Together in Cambridgeshire aims to target additional funding for communication, language, and literacy activities for young children, their families and their communities in these areas.

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How do we operate?

We regularly meet with individuals and organisations from our communities, and are open to making further links.

Funding is available annually for early years providers and community-based groups to bid for, so that they can deliver activities which support communication, language, and literacy development. 

We also offer free training on communication, language, and literacy development to early years providers and funded community groups operating in our Talking Together reach areas. 

What has been achieved so far?

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What about other areas of Cambridgeshire? How can they get involved?

Funding has been agreed for the areas identified above. However, we know that there are children and families all across the county who would benefit from additional support with early communication, language, and literacy.

Our Facebook page offers everyone across the county information on communication, language and literacy development, and fun activities that can be used by parents and practitioners to support the needs of children.

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TTiC flyer and reach area maps

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Size: 53KBFile format: pdf
Chatteris CLP reach area map
Size: 438KBFile format: pdf
Huntingdon CLP reach area map
Size: 316KBFile format: pdf
March CLP reach area map
Size: 423KBFile format: pdf
NE Cambridge CLP reach area map
Size: 575KBFile format: pdf
Wisbech CLP reach area map
Size: 448KBFile format: pdf
Melbourn and Meldreth CLP reach area map
Size: 437KBFile format: pdf
Duxford CLP reach area map
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Talking Together


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