Supporting Quality Improvement

Early Years Service offers a range of flexible, quality assured support, advice and guidance to early years and childcare providers.

The Quality Assurance Team works with member and non-member settings to support quality improvement and continued development of good practice.
Member settings will have the extended offer advice, guidance and visits.

The Adviser team facilitates Foundation Years Forums, which are termly and in different locations in the county. They give a taster of a current topic around practice and pedagogy and give an opportunity to meet Local Authority staff and network.

Leadership and Governance Briefings consider key aspects of leadership in-depth facilitated by the Early Years Adviser Team and current governance topics supported by specialised staff.

As of September 2019, Ofsted has changed the way it inspects schools, colleges, further education institutions and early years settings in England when the Common Inspection Framework (CIF) is replaced by the Education Inspection Framework (EIF).

An important part of quality practice is accurate assessment and moderation of children’s development. Let's Moderate Together is an annual programme with an expectation ongoing engagement that early years practitioners will participate each year. The programme is facilitated alongside the statutory moderation of the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile assessment carried out at the end of the Reception year in schools.
Let's Moderate Together will give practitioners opportunities to discuss aging and staging of children’s development, and to moderate their judgement with early years staff in different settings. We strongly recommend settings take part in this annual programme.

Early year settings work closely with Health in early identification of needs in children at 2 years of age. Cambridgeshire’s approach to the Integrated Review at 2 is well embedded and you will find useful information, including documents from our roadshows.

An important part of quality improvement is continuous professional development and the Early Years and Childcare Training and Support Programme covers a wide range of qualifications delivery, training courses at different levels, and conferences.


Quality Assurance Team


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