Physical Activity Matters

Physical Activity Matters - a resource to promote and support children's physical development

Physical development is widely recognised as a key element of young children’s learning, as demonstrated by its status as one of the three Prime Areas of Learning within the Early Years Foundation Stage. In addition, concerns about the state of children’s health and activity levels in the UK have highlighted the importance of establishing good habits and attitudes to physical activity from an early age.

Healthy living as a focus

Cambridgeshire County Council has developed the ‘Physical Activity Matters’ pack to support early years providers in promoting children’s physical development, as part of fostering a wider awareness of healthy living.

The product was developed by an expert with excellent credentials in young children’s physical development, to meet demand from the sector. It is a practical resource, and is packed with enjoyable and easy-to-deliver physical activities that reflect all the aspects of the Physical Development Prime Area in the EYFS.

The colourful pack consists of a spiral-bound A4-sized booklet for practitioners, and a set of 11 A5-sized double-sided activity cards for children aged 3+ years. The two elements (the booklet and cards) are kept together in a durable document wallet.

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