EYFS in Schools

Early Years Foundation Stage in schools

Early Years Advisers work with schools delivering the EYFS and are responsible for sustaining and improving the quality of practice and provision.

Early Years Improvement Advisers work with schools delivering the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) to secure rapid improvements for those in an Ofsted category and/or causing concern. This is at no charge to maintained Primary and Nursery schools. Please refer to the ‘Early Years and Childcare Training and Support offer’ for support to Academies.

The team provides advice and support across all aspects of Leadership and Managing. This includes the EYFS Leaders Briefings, sessions for new Head Teachers and support for EYFS link Governors.

The moderation of the Foundation Stage Profile is led through this team and a variety of charged services are also available.

Early Years Advisers

Early Years Advisers provide support to the maintained sector in the following ways:

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Useful resources

181220 All about self regulation 2019
Size: 715KBFile format: pdf
181220 Characteristics of Effective Learning prompts 2019
Size: 345KBFile format: pdf
181220 Documentation of Learning Essentials 2018
Size: 282KBFile format: pdf
181220 Essentials in the EYFS 2019
Size: 453KBFile format: pdf
181220 EYFS - Key documents 2019
Size: 418KBFile format: pdf
Size: 1.36MBFile format: pdf
181220 Principles for record keeping 2019
Size: 499KBFile format: pdf
181220 Role of the adult handout 2019
Size: 393KBFile format: pdf


Please contact Annette Brooker: Annette.Brooker@cambridgeshire.gov.uk for more information