Membership Offer

Early years and childcare membership offer 2019-2020

The Early Years Service offer for 2019-2020 includes an expanded range of flexible, cost-effective options designed to meet the changing needs of the sector. 

Full details can be found in our brochure below - click on the image to open the document (pdf format). 

You can buy your membership for 2019-2020 by filling in the application form below.

  • Universal services are free to all providers
  • Setting membership gives you access to an early years adviser, a range of free support and training, a free advert on our eycJobs website and even bigger savings on prices for training and conferences
  • Group membership offers a chance to save on multi-site support with a package specially tailored to group settings
  • Schools can benefit from adviser support, our termly leadership briefings and a new multi-membership which saves money on support for school-run pre-school and out of school provision
  • Childminders can continue to benefit from access to forums and discounts on training through our childminder membership
  • Members can save more with bundles covering training, support, Forest School activity or a mix of support and training
  • Pay-as-you-go gives you exactly what you want, when you want it

Universal offer

Our universal free offer to all providers (on page 4 of the brochure) includes

  • Our online early years assessment system (CASEY)
  • Leadership and Governance briefings for settings
  • Extensive online information on Learn Together Cambridgeshire
  • Essential email updates
  • Paper copy of Jigsaw magazine each term
  • Statutory support and Annual audit

Our range of interest groups on the Learn Together Hub is also free.

All providers can access networks, courses and conferences from our Training and Support programme at the appropriate price.

Charged membership services

Our charged membership services (set out on pages 5-9 of the brochure) include

  • A great value offer for all early years and childcare settings
  • A package especially for childminders
  • Extra value bundles for members covering a range of training and support

To purchase your membership for 2019-2020, please complete our application form.  Once your membership number has been confirmed, you can start saving on courses and conference bookings from our extensive training and support programme.

Pay-as-you-go prices can be found online in our Training and Support programme.

EY Membership offer brochure
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EY Membership 2019 - 2020 BF
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To purchase this offer, please contact the Early Years Service 

01223 706 133