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Higher level continuous professional development

Advanced courses and masterclasses

This level is for practitioners who have a significant knowledge and experience of working within the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and are competent within their practice. These courses will challenge learners to think reflectively and critically whilst developing skills to enhance their early years provision.

Learners must hold a minimum of Level 3 qualification and have a good understanding of the subject area.


This masterclass is for all experienced practitioners seeking ways to support high achieving children in their provision.


This course will be of interest to practitioners working with children who are capable of high achievement in one or more areas of the EYFS. It explores the elements and themes involved when working with this cohort of children.

Throughout this course learners will

• Explore how to observe and plan for children’s learning
• Identify ways to offer appropriate support for highly able children
• Develop an understanding of the key issues faced
• Consider ways to provide stimulating and challenging learning opportunities
Lunch is not provided, please bring a packed lunch.

Level Advanced

Date, time and venue
Weds 23 January 2019 10.00am – 4.00pm at Cambridgeshire FA HQ, Histon

Dr David Whitebread recently retired as Acting Director (External Relations) of the Play in Education, Development and Learning (PEDAL) research centre at the Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge, UK. He is a developmental psychologist who is widely recognised as a leading international expert in early childhood education. Before coming to Cambridge he taught in early years and primary schools for 12 years, and during his first 17 years at Cambridge he worked in early years initial teacher training. His research has focused on self-regulation in young children, and the roles of play and oral language in its development. He has published widely in academic journals and book chapters, and has edited or written a number of influential reports and books.


• Understand the concept of self-regulation
• Be aware of its importance of self-regulation in children's development, and some of the evidence supporting
• Be aware of the role of play and language development in supporting self-regulation in young children
• Develop insights into the implications of research into self-regulation for practice in early childhood education.

Suggested pre-reading

Whitebread, D. & Coltman, P. (2017). Developing young children as self-regulated learners. In J. Moyles, J.
Georgeson & J. Payler (Eds) Beginning Teaching: Beginning Learning: In Early Years and Primary Education, 5th Ed.
London: Open University Press/McGraw Hill.
Whitebread, D. (Ed.) (2016). Self-regulation. Early Education Journal, 80 (Autumn).
Whitebread, D., Kuvalja, M. & O’Connor, A. (2015). Quality in Early Childhood Education – an International Review
and Guide for Policy Makers. Report for the World Innovation Summit for Education. Dohar: WISE. (free download
Especially Section 1.

Lunch is not provided, please bring a packed lunch.

Level Advanced

Date, time and venue
Fri 8 February 2019 10.00am – 4.00pm at Cambridgeshire FA HQ, Histon

Playwork masterclass

Meynell Walter is a playworker, international playwork trainer/lecturer, and playwork advocate. As a qualified teacher, qualified youth worker, qualified playworker and early years expert Meynell has a very clear understanding of the role of play and its importance in the everyday lives of children.


This is a course for practitioners working with school age children.


From hammering nails to two storey pallet construction this masterclass will introduce and take you through the joy of offering children the opportunity to engage in their play with real tools. We will look at the issues of risk and challenge and study the benefits of hammers, saws, drills and the correct use of nails and bolts.

Throughout this course learners will

• Engage in practical activities

• Explore how to use real tools with children and young people

• Gain confidence to implement real tools within their settings

Additional information

This course is a practical course, please wear comfortable clothing for both inside and outside. There will be a working lunch – please bring something easy to eat whilst you play!

Date, time and venue

Fri 15 March 2019 9.30 am – 2.30pm at Hinchingbrooke Country Park, Huntingdon

National Playworker of the year (2019) Ben Kingston-Hughes from Inspired Children will be presenting this interactive play session to inspire Cambridgeshire’s practitioners.


This course can have a profound and life changing impact on all children regardless of age. Out of School/Playwork settings, Early Years workers, teaching staff/lunchtime staff from schools, including holiday staff, will all benefit from this training and be inspired to make play better for their children.


To present a compelling argument for play as the single most important developmental process in a child’s life. To link current play work theory to the latest neurological and biochemical re-search to give a unique understanding of the adult’s potential to support and extend play. To showcase a series of practical and innovative experiences to engage and delight the children in your care.

Throughout this course learners will

  • Understand the fundamental importance of play across every area of physical, emotional and cognitive development.
  • Be introduced to brand new research into the nature of play and how we can use this to improve our practice.
  • Experience a wealth of practical activities to use with children using low cost or free re-sources.

 Additional Information

Whilst this is a masterclass detailing unique information not taught on any other courses it is suit-able for new and veteran workers alike as the neuroscience and biochemistry is easily accessible and taught in a way that makes if instantly relevant to our work. Because of this no prior knowledge is required for this course. The course is also available to Peterborough settings and schools at the relevant Cambridgeshire non-member price. Participants will need to be dressed in appropriate play clothing and bring their own lunch, however refreshments will be provided. 

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