Cambridgeshire Deleting pupil from school roll and Children Missing from Education

In 2016 the DfE amended the legislation to assist schools and local authorities in identifying children missing from education.  

The changes require schools (including academies and independent schools) to inform Cambridgeshire County Council when a pupil is about to be deleted from the admissions register under any of the fifteen grounds (Regulation 8 of the 2006 Regulations).

In addition to the above duty to notify the LA, the revised Children Missing Education Guidance also highlights the need for all schools to:

  • record details of the pupil’s residence, the name of the person with whom they will reside, the date from which they will reside there, and the name of the destination school (where they can reasonably obtain this information);
  • inform their LA of the pupil's destination school and home address if the pupil is moving to a new school.

The changes made emphasis on the requirements for schools and Local Authorities to work collaboratively when making reasonable enquiries to locate pupils who fail to return 10 days after an agreed authorised leave or 20 days without authorisation.

What schools need to do - Referrals and Notifications to the LA

Confirmation of Pupil’s destination

If you are aware of the pupil’s destination and have confirmation of the new educational placement and that the pupil has started the new provision, the school is required to complete the online form below.

This includes instances where a pupil has relocated abroad and you have no reason to disbelieve the parents/carers. Whilst we acknowledge it is best practice to obtain a fixed address and/or school name, we recognise that this may not always be possible:

  Deletion from Register - Destination Confirmed Form

Unknown pupil’s destination and/or family whereabouts

In all other cases where a school is unaware of a pupil’s destination and/or the pupil and families whereabouts– this also includes those pupils who fail to transfer to statutory education from nursery school, then a referral should be made to the central Attendance Team, after the school has made initial investigation to the pupil’s whereabouts, including a home visit. If a pupil is deemed vulnerable then the referral should be made immediately. Schools are required to complete online form below:

Request for Children Missing from Education Investigation

 When a parent elects to home educate the school has a legal duty to notify the Local Authority:

Cambridgeshire Elective Home Education - Learn Together (

PUPIL ABSENT FROM SCHOOL - Cambridgeshire School Process for Children Missing from Education (Part 3 from CME Policy)

CME Policy (For Maintained and Academies) September 2021