Link Planning

The Link planning meeting is an opportunity to discuss both individual pupils and strategic needs of your school with your link Educational Psychologist and specialist teacher.

You will have a number of hours from both your link EP and ST to use throughout the year. These hours are based on the capacity within the staff team and therefore need to be distributed evenly across the year. Many schools report dividing the time into termly blocks helpful.

The Link EP and ST may do work separately or, there may be a particular projects or pieces of work where the EP and ST work together.

It is important to have EP and ST together in order to plan, as far as possible the best use of SEND hours and to benefit from the perspective of the two disciplines.

You do not need to mention all children with SEND at your school at the planning meeting. We understand that there may be times where priorities change. If this is the case please contact your link EP and/or ST via email or phone call.

In preparation for the meeting your Link EP/ST you may also wish to consider.

  • Does the SEND data for your school show any areas that you would like to consider in the meeting? Pressures/ strengths in particular year groups or areas of need?
  • What are the training needs of school for the next academic year?
  • Are their SEND needs identified on school strategic plans?
  • Are there any children that you wish to talk through, these may be children where you have plans in place and would like to discuss those with your Links.
  • Who are your priority groups (do you have a group in a particular year with similar needs)?
  • Have your SEND and AP registers to hand
  • Think about any plans for new EHCPs and discuss with the EP as they will need to plan in work for your school around EHCNA.
  • Which children are not in school full time due to medical needs, FTE, temporary reduced timetable/ phased reintegration and do you have plans in place to support those children back to full time education?
  • Are there any SEND projects you have in mind for the coming year? (E.G. Covid recovery, work with parents, supporting class teachers)