Steps Early Years Modules

Cambridgeshire Steps Early Years supports Early Years settings to identify the reasons behind children’s behaviours and to respond to these behaviours in a consistent and therapeutic way.

By understanding the possible reasons for children's behaviours and supporting a therapeutic response to them Cambridgeshire Steps Early Years aims to support the inclusion of children with difficult or dangerous behaviours and to ensure a consistent response to these behaviours.

Potential benefits for Early Years Settings to implementing the Cambridgeshire Steps Early Years approach are:

  • Improved staff confidence and safety
  • Supports the inclusion of all children
  • Develops consistent working practices
  • Supports settings in the development of policy, planning, and reporting
  • Better school readiness due to the consistency of approach
  • Better social skills as children start to understand the implications of their behaviours.

Cambridgeshire Steps Early Years is delivered as a series of six webinars. These are pre-recorded and your team can watch them at a time that suits you. Once you have signed up for the webinars, these will be available for you to use as often as you like, e.g. to refresh your staff team on a particular aspect or when a new staff member joins. The webinars vary in length, but the total time needed to watch them all is around six hours. Embedded within the webinars are six tasks. These are not intended to take long to complete and will draw on aspects of good practice.

We strongly recommend for consistency of practice that ALL staff members complete the training.

Each setting will be allocated an Early Years Steps Tutor. Tutors will be available to answer questions and will monitor and support the completion of tasks to ensure the training is understood and embedded within practice.

One member of staff then becomes a Steps Champion for the setting. They will be asked to attend a live discussion session to talk about how Steps has changed their approach and practice, after which a certificate will be issued. Individual staff members will not be awarded a certificate.

Steps Champions are expected to attend two Steps networking and refresher sessions a year and to disseminate this information back to their staff teams.

For more information about the Cambridgeshire Steps Early Years modules please contact the Early Years Service at