During the coronavirus outbreak, the situation will be changing rapidly, both nationally and locally.

This page will be used to hold all the latest guidance and advice for settings, including:

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Please continue to be vigilant as COVID-19 case numbers continue to rise locally and nationally. Some key considerations are:

  • Continue with enhanced cleaning measures, especially regular cleaning of high touchpoint areas and robust deep cleaning (and fogging if possible) of spaces inhabited by positive cases, including those who are asymptomatic
  • Continue to promote good hand hygiene measures, hand sanitiser, and clear visible signage, especially in shared spaces i.e. staff toilets
  • Review ventilation measures regularly
  • In the absence of an effective test and trace process, where there is more than one case in a group, we would suggest you recommend to parents to seek a PCR test for their child as a close contact. This has to be booked online. The child can continue to attend whilst the test result is received
  • Remind parents ​of the importance of going for a PCR test if a child is symptomatic and do not rely on a negative LFD test, which are only to be used as part of asymptomatic screening and for children over 11 years old. In outbreak incidents, you can encourage parents to be cautious and arrange for a PCR test for children with atypical symptoms e.g. cold/flu-like symptoms if they shared a room with someone who has tested positive

Protecting Staff
We are aware of the impact COVID-19 is having on staffing and the challenges this is creating in some settings. It is therefore important as a responsible employer that steps are taken to protect your staff:

  • Promote and encourage vaccination within your staff – where possible try to obtain the vaccination status of your workforce (​this would be on a voluntary basis)
  • If there are positive cases within the setting you may want to consider re-introducing remote staff meetings and restricting opportunities for staff to mingle
  • Ensure risk assessments are in place for any staff member who was previously considered CEV or identify themselves as vulnerable and that these are reviewed as required
  • Pregnant staff members in their third trimester (>28 weeks):
    • Healthy and vaccinated – continue working in line with their maternity risk assessment
    • Healthy and unvaccinated – promote and encourage vaccination. Resources to support you in having these conversations can be found via the links below:
    • Additional risk factors (vaccinated and unvaccinated) – working arrangements determined upon recommendations from their clinical health professional

  • EYFS Profile 2022 Data: Reminder to send the EYFS Profile results to the LA by 28 June 2022. - 26 May
  • Return of excess Lateral Flow Device stock, and PPE: Next steps on managing excess LFD COVID-19 test kit stock, and Personal Protective Equipment. - 24 May
  • EYFS Profile Data 2022: Profile assessment actioned required. - 4 May
  • Ukrainian response: Update for the sector. - 4 May
  • Welcoming newly arrived families from the Ukraine: Support for practitioners in being able to help families to settle into early years provision and EYFS. - 29 April
  • Parent Letter – Living with COVID-19: Covid position update, parent letter, and short webinar. - 26 April
  • Early Years & Childcare Membership Offer 2022-23: New membership packages are available for 2022 – 2023 on dedicated the Learn Together webpage. - 20 April
  • Updated COVID-19 Guidance from April 1: The NHS COVID-19 symptoms in adults and symptoms in children have been updated, along with the EYC Support Pack.
  • COVID-19 Update, April 1: Changes to the control measures for COVID-19. - 6 April

  • DfE Update - Minister's Letter to EY Sector; The Minister for Children & Families Will Quince has written to all those working in the early years sector. 31 March
  • CCC Ukrainian response; Identifying ways in which we may be able to offer some support/response to Ukrainian families seeking refuge in our county. - 29 March
  • Launch of Getting Ready for Change – Reception Year; Getting Ready for Change reception year questionnaire from Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust. - 24 March
  • COVID-19 update: Guidance change for Childminders; Change in Guidance for Childminders. - 18 March
  • RE: Briefing for Early Years Providers; Recording, copy of the PowerPoint slides, and chat log. - 4 March
  • COVID-19 Provider update, 1 March 2022; Updates to the DfE guidance. - 1 March
  • Briefing for Early Years Provider; Invitation to a COVID-19 briefing session. - 24 February
  • PM’s Living with COVID-19 plan. - 22 February
  • Message from the Secretary of State for Education, Nadhim Zahawi. - 21 February
  • COVID-19 Provider update: Face Masks; Face coverings in communal spaces. - 11 February
  • COVID-19 Reporting Changes; Notification of changes to reporting of COVID-19 cases to CambsEYC from 29 January 2022, and a summary of actions poster. - 28 January
  • COVID-19 Update, 26 January; COVID guidance, Isolation periods, and a reminder on test kit ordering process. - 26 January
  • COVID-19 Update, 21 January; Contingency framework, partial closures or full closure due to COVID, and key documents. - 21 January
  • COVID-19 Update, 17 January 2022; Changes to self-isolation period, a reminder on the temporary suspension of PCR tests, reintroduction of Innova self-test kits, ventilation information, EYFS flexibilities for early years settings, 12 to 15-year-old vaccination progress update, and DfE helpline. - 14 January
  • COVID-19 Update, 11 January 2022; COVID-19 Support Pack, and risk assessment updates, Suspension of Confirmatory PCR, DfE update - EYFS flexibility, changes to reporting contacts of positive cases under 18 years, and predeparture testing removed for vaccinated travellers. - 11 January
  • COVID-19 Update; Early Years guidance update, Lateral Flow Tests and information on rapid community test sites, and COVID-19 briefing documents from the video presentation by Jonathan Lewis, Director of Education. - 7 January
  • Information for parents, reminder of the briefing session, and DfE early years attendance data collection. - 5 January

Outdoor Play and Ventilation

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